The Sending Huddle

Begin Preparing Today

We know events like Challenge can be a mountain-top experience for many who attend. We love seeing lives change at Challenge, but also know that it is what happens the other 51 weeks of the year that matter. That is why we created the Sending Huddle.

The Sending Huddle will happen Friday morning during Challenge. Your group will have 90 minutes to intentionally, creatively and collaboratively discuss what Bold Move God is calling your group to make and how you will live that out at home. In order to prepare for the Sending Huddle, read the Leader Guide with your group leaders and watch the Sending Huddle Training Video together before you leave. This is the 90-minutes you’ll want to prepare for before you arrive to Challenge.

On Friday morning at Challenge, you will receive a Sending Huddle kit that will include a printed copy of the Leader Guide, a poster, markers and tape (for the poster) prior to the Sending Huddle to help walk your group through this time.

Leader's Guide

Download your guide to facilitating a deep and transformational Sending Huddle.

Sending Huddle Leader’s Guide

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